PEO Assistance in Japan for Foreign PEO Firms, Law Firms, and Accounting Firms

Your Firm Maintains its Role As Lead Adviser

By partnering with JSC your firm can maintain its position as the clients lead adviser.

Depending on your preference, JSC can work directly with your client or we can provide a “white label” service whereby we work in the background providing support to your firm. Similarly, JSC’s invoices can be directed to your firm or to the client.

Whichever approach is selected, our goal is always to support and strengthen your firm’s relationship with your client.

Japan PEO Solutions

Many clients are seeking to enter the Japanese market in a conservative manner via a Japan PEO solution.

JSC works with foreign PEO firms, law firms, and accounting firms whose clients require the services of a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) in Japan.

Benefit from JSC’s Deep Expertise

By partnering with JSC, foreign PEO, law, and accounting firms can be confident that their clients Japan affairs are in good hands. Some of the benefits to your firm in partnering with JSC include:

  • JSC has deep professional expertise and can also assist your clients if they decide to transition to a fully owned subsidiary in the future.

  • JSC has unmatched experience providing services in Japan. Our management team has been assisting foreign companies in Japan since 1993. Our clients have ranged from listed Fortune 500 companies to Silicon Valley start-ups.

  • JSC can assist your client’s business through its full lifecycle in Japan. In addition to traditional Japan PEO services, we can offer a number of other options including a Hybrid Japan PEO option pursuant to which the foreign company will have both an entity in Japan AND employees housed in our Japan PEO solution.

  • Unlike other Japan PEO providers, our professional background allows us to manage the tax risk associated with using traditional PEO services – especially that of permanent establishment (“PE”) risk that is becoming an increasing focus of tax authorities.

Benefits to Your Clients of a Japan PEO Solution

A Japan PEO solution can provide substantial benefits to your clients including:

  • The cost of establishing a local entity in Japan is removed.

  • The client is relieved of significant annual compliance costs including accounting, preparing corporate tax returns, and HR reporting.

  • Time spent by the client’s home country management team undertaking non-core tasks is minimized. JSC’s PEO solution allows the client’s management team to focus on the goal of expanding its business in Japan.

Examples of the non-PEO services we can provide your clients include:

  • Consulting regarding the selection of an appropriate Japan business entity

  • Incorporating a Japanese company

  • Tax services

  • Japan nominee director services

  • Office solutions (including legal registered addresses and business addresses)

  • HR / Payroll services

  • Accounting and cash management services